Every person should look in the mirror and be confident and happy.

Whether you’re a Gazelle or a Popeye, slim or curvy, tall or short, you’re beautiful when you shine from within.
What really counts: You have to feel good in your skin.

Butterfly Coach is always by your side and supports you as your personal trainer to help you achieve your personal goals. So that you can be the way you want to be.

Together we can do that.

Believe in yourself!

We will support you.

Totally personalized workouts that perfectly fit you.
A gamification mechanic that motivates in a playful way and makes it easy for you to do something for yourself and your health.
We want to help as many people as possible to live longer and sustainably happier lives.

The Story
Of My

I stood in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. From a distance I could hear the nurse’s voice explaining to my husband how to change our newborn son. My head was pounding. My thoughts fell on me like an avalanche. The woman who was looking at me wasn’t me. Or was it? Is that really me, trying to face the truth with a tortured smile?

The favorite pair of jeans was 30 kilos away
My little miracle was next door and I was desperately hiding in the bathroom. In the past few months I had gained almost 30 kilos. I didn’t recognize myself anymore. Some women quickly fit back into their favorite jeans. It was clear to me: I will not belong to these women. Does another miracle have to happen so that I feel good again in my skin? Definitively. But which one?

Welcome back, yo-yo effect
Chocolate, snacks and sweets lurked everywhere and made me happy, especially in moments of frustration.

I already knew this trap. Before I got married, I tried to lose weight, gain muscle, look more defined, and leaner. I starved myself down. What had to happen happened: after the wedding, the yo-yo effect struck. I’ve been on a lot of diets in my life. They worked at first, but after that I lost motivation because the limitations made me unhappy. I am simply a hedonist.

Between frustration and happiness
Now it was 30 kilos that had to be dropped. I was still looking at myself in the hospital mirror. Self-loathing and despair made me sad and destroyed my self-esteem. So I looked away, opened the door and preferred to hug my little miracle that made me the happiest person in the world at that moment.

Hollywood is not in Lower Saxony
A few months after that fiasco in the hospital bathroom, everyday life returned. I even had time to read my beloved gossip magazines every now and then: A famous Hollywood actress had lost weight wonderfully. Incredible! Of course she had a personal trainer. “Of course,” I thought, “if you have your own personal trainer, then you can do it too – because he or she knows what really suits you”. Hollywood is unfortunately thousands of kilometers away from my small village in Lower Saxony, Germany and the most sporty person in the area is probably the postman. Far and wide no personal trainer in sight. Or is it?

And a miracle really happened
My older brother told me about Philipp, with whom he had been training for a few months, and gave me his number. At the first meeting I would have loved to turn around on the doorstep: There he was standing in front of me, well-trained, muscular – and wanted to take my measurements. I think I’ve rarely felt so uncomfortable and ashamed with all those stretch marks and stubborn extra pounds. But I stayed strong. I trained with Philipp once a week. The rest of the time I strictly followed his diet and exercise tips. So the miracle happened that I hadn’t believed to ever realize: A year after giving birth, I had lost more than 30 kilograms! My body was strong and fit. My mind and soul had calmed down and I began to love myself.

When it all becomes too much
But in addition to these feelings of happiness, there was also the fear of not being able to maintain this weight. The long drives to see Philipp, who did not live in my village, the high costs, the time away from home where my family was waiting for me … That was just too much. And I also had a responsible job that I didn’t want to give up. I had to make a decision and find a solution: How could I keep up my personal training without having to tear myself apart between family, job and my own needs?

The idea for Butterfly Coach
With that in mind, I wanted to develop an app that would enable every woman and man to get exactly the body they always wanted and never believed they would ever get. A body they are happy with. Not thinking or being concerned with a predefined ideal of beauty. The main thing is that you are happy with your reflection in the mirror! Be it with a curvier, narrower, muscular or softer body. Doesn’t matter. It’s about your transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly, because there is a butterfly in each of us. Butterfly Coach is there to awaken your very own butterfly in you!

It’s not the number that counts

In the past years, since starting Butterfly Coach in 2017, I have learned a lot about myself: The number on the scale does no longer determine my happiness. Because, if the number is high, I am unhappy; if it is low, I am also unhappy and, on top of that, stressed because I am afraid of gaining weight again. And that creates a feeling of failure. What really matters is that we are healthy and grateful, see our reflection in the mirror, and love our body for what it is.

Self-love creates less hate, less anger, less frustration and thus more success, more love, more satisfaction, more self-confidence and more happiness – for you and the people around you!

This is the story of my transformation.
Every story and every transformation begins with a decision.
How does your begin? I am looking forward to hear it.